Sports will be taking a backseat to thoroughbred racing

About Me

My background

Investigative radio and tv reporter, creator of Sports Illustrated (Statis-Pro) games, produced Sportography for United Features, Syn, Inc, and 11-year stint as oddsmaking consultant to the Stardust in Las Vegas, Also wrote numerous sports annuals and became in seminars in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Statistical Research

When one has 20-minutes instead of 15-minutes under the bright "Fame"

light - he or she must have done something different.  My goal in research was to modify intense statistical models to simplicity,  Thus came about the ODI method of forecasting. I have rebuilt the concept but may not have enough time to test it as much as desired.

The Future

At an age when most are either deceased or in congress (should be drawing unemployment instead of inflated salaries), I am still fairly active and have spent many hours fine-tuning ideas and exploring thoroughbred racing in depth.  Research on a series of books has slowed - yet still under consideration.