Sports Analysis Introduction
The    projected    website    and    publication    program    that    I    am working   on   is   running   at   a   slower   pace   than   I   expected.      Come   to think   of   it   my   100-yard   dash   time   has   changed   from   3-minutes   as a   less   than   speedy   19-year-old   to   2   hours   and   eight   minutes   at age 83.  (I have a sprained ankle from a daily fall.) Offense-Index   ratings   have   been   updated   for   baseball,   pro   and college   football   and   close   to   being   completed   in   college   and   pro basketball.        My    research    has    also    led    to    establishing    a    basic power   rating   for   all   the   major   (and   some   minor)   horse   racing tracks in the United States and Canada. All   this   information   will   be   available   for   your   perusal   as   soon   as it   is   in   a   different   format.      Of   course,   the   major   heart   invention process    scheduled    for    Wednesday    afternoon    might    alter    the course, although I seriously doubt it. (Another inconvenience) Monday   afternoon   I   will   find   out   how   my   first   test   in   fantasy football   turned   out.      Time   did   not   permit   me   to   watch   any   pro football   games   Sunday,   but   family   members   have   a   “told   you   so smirk” on their faces.
Clemson,   after   beating   Auburn   14-6,   will   go   undefeated the   rest   of   the   season   with   a   schedule   that   is   far   from challenging.      What   a   sight   -   Bobby   Stoops   jumping   up   an down    as    a    guest    in    the    Ohio    State    press    box    as    his former Sooners blasted the Buckeyes, 31-16. Duke’s   lopsided   41-17   whitewash   of   Northwestern   was one   of   the   day’s   shockers.      The   Wildcats   were   expected to be stronger on defense.  Friends   live   in   both   Tampa   Bay   area   and   Jacksonville and my hopes are they escaped the wrath of Irma.
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